7 Important Facts About Hair Restoration

Hair loss in both young men and women has become a common problem and if left unattended it can lead to baldness. Baldness is more common in men due to their stressed life combined with generic factors and it progresses really fast in men above 30 years. Hair restoration is the only solution to baldness or extreme hair loss and it involves the extraction of live root bearing hair follicles from the sides and back of the head then implanting them in the affected area. The following are 8 facts you should know about hair restoration.

  1. Hair restoration procedures are carried out with your own hair and the transplanted hair automatically grows without any special maintenance or medical need. You can wash it or cut trim.
  1. There are various hair restoration techniques, the mokmnb43erd5t36ey7227st common one is the strip method also known as FUT and FUE. FUT is more common due to its cost effectiveness but it leaves a scar behind that can be camouflaged by the hair surgeon using the Trichophytic closure. In this closure techniques, hair grows around the scar line covering it up. FUE is a no sature and it is recommended to maintain short hair.
  1. Hair restoration does not necessarily leave your head full of hair. The results vary depending on the extent of the baldness, hair type and the amount of hair available in the donor area among other individual variables.
  1. Hair restoration today is a one day procedure, you do not have to stay in the hospital for days waiting to recover fully.
  1. Hair restoration is a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness. It involves the distribution of your own hair across the scalp through a surgical procedure in either one or two sessions.
  1. Not all baldness cases that can be corrected with hair restoration. The hair physician should be well qualified to counsel you on the right treatment as well as examine the extent of hair damage.
  1. As per the discretion of the hair physician, there are cases where body hair canhnb43erd5t236ey72u28 be transplanted; that is hair graft can be removed from other body areas such as the chest, beard, legs, hands etc and planted on the scalp. The cost of hair restoration procedure is mainly determined by the number of hair grafts transplanted. A hair graft consists of 1-5 hair strands. The latest hair restoration surgeries are undetectable because they are done under microscopic magnification instead of naked eye surgeries.



Misconceptions About Weight Loss and Surgery

If you have a worrying weight, perhaps you have an excessive accumulation of fats, you need to consider weight loss options. Ideally, a continuous increase in weight poses many health risks and high chances of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, liver failure, pancreatic cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cognitive decline, gout, and much more. Some of these challenges are life threatening, which means the quick action is eminent.

Fortunately, there are several ways to deahnjm3e7dy63ye7u2i29l with overweight challenges. Some of them include engaging in regular physical exercises, observing property dietary, cutting down intake of proteins, and of course, undergoing medical surgery. If the former options have yielded futile results, then the latter option is the last resort.

Weight loss surgery is one of the latest weight loss options that is prescribed by a doctor if you continue gaining more weight despite the fact that you are engaged in other weight loss options. Unfortunately, many people still do believe that this option can work perfectly on them, basically due to some of the underlying misconception. But, what are some of these weight loss surgery myths?

Some misconceptions

Since some of these misconceptions are not true, it creates a negative perception to whoever is seeking this option. Without further ado, here are some of the common misconceptions of weight loss surgery that you probably still believe:

Misconception #1

After successful operations, you need no more self-control
Fact: The truth of the matter is that, after the surgery, you need to control your diet and observe other methods of preventing excessive accumulation of facts. If you continue with your former lifestyle, you will weight again.

Misconception #2

Weight loss surgery is not a real surgery. Indeed, it is one of the outpatient cosmetic procedures!
Fact: Truly, just like any other surgery, the above is real as well. In fact, weight loss surgery entails serious surgical procedures bearing lifelong consequences and similar risks as other common medical surgeries.

Misconception #3

The procedurjmkb3e5dt63ey7u282e is extremely expensive, cheapest being $25,000.
Fact: To some extent, weight loss surgery cost is quite daunting, amount over $25,000 is too high for middle and low-income earners. Nevertheless, more and more insurance companies are paying for the operations and all the necessary procedures; which is really good news. In reality, the cost of treating overweight related diseases will be extremely high over the long term.

Misconception #4

The procedure is meant for adults only.
Fact: Weight loss surgery is a procedure that can carry out to all age groups-teens, adults, and old.

The list of weight loss misconceptions is just endless. However, the above are quite common. It is advisable that you ignore such myths and rely on doctor’s advice. In general, weight loss surgery is one of the safest and the ultimate options that yields significant results within the shortest time possible.